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This story is based on the Matthew movie "Attraction", but with a twist! It is a Matthew Settle/Orlando Bloom fanfic.




Andrea walked into the diner, late at night. It was nearly one in the morning, but his message had sounded rather urgent on her answering machine.

It didn’t take her long to find him. He was sitting at a booth, his back facing her as she walked, wearing a black leather coat. He turned just as she arrived at the booth, for he had heard the click of her high heel shoes.
She met his eyes, and watched as he smiled.

“Thank you for coming”, he said as she sat down in the booth.
She put her purse down beside her and looked over at him, the smile still on his lips. It had been over a month since she had seen him, face to face like this. He looked unshaven and his hair was messy, but that’s the way he always looked.

“So, what’s this all about?” she asked him.
“What’s what all about it?”
“The phone call. You said you really needed to talk to me”.
“I just…wanted to see you”.

At this point, she looked down briefly, feeling duped. The waitress came over.
“Can I get you something miss?” she asked in her New York accent.
“No, I’m fine”, Andrea said politely, but he interrupted.
“She’ll get a coffee. Black”.
“Alright”, the waitress said and walked away.
Andrea just looked at him, thinking he had some nerve.
“There you go again…I didn’t want a coffee”.
“I just want you to relax. You seem so…on edge….This is me we’re talking about, remember?” he said, placing his hands on his chest to emphasize the point.

Yes, this was the man she had spent nearly two years of her life with. This was also the man she had broken it off with a month ago. This was the man who she was a little uneasy about now. There was something in his eyes, despite the sweet smile on his lips, that made her feel this way.

She inhaled before she said the next words:
“Matthew…have you been staying outside my apartment at night, in your car?”
The smile dropped from his lips at this point, and she saw a look come into his eyes that she did not like.

“Why are you bringing this up?”
“I have a right to ask, don’t you think? I saw you on the weekend. It was around 2 in the morning”.
“I was just making sure that you were alright…there’s a lot of crazies out there”.
Andrea couldn’t help but give a nervous laugh at what he said, but soon realized that he was not laughing with her. In fact, he was dead serious.

The coffee was placed in front of her and she looked across at him.
“So, you’ve been sitting outside my place late at night, in your car, and that’s not crazy?”
“I love you…how can that be crazy?”
At hearing this, she froze for a few seconds, hardly able to believe how he was trying to justify this. She looked down into her black coffee, not intending to take a sip.

“How long have you been doing this?” she asked, wanting to know how long she was being watched.
“Andrea…I just want you back. We were so good together, and I just want that again. I love who I am with you, and who you are with me. It’s not too late to get that back”.
She looked up at him, and saw this look on his face that made her angry at his words.
“Matt, it’s over…and it is too late to go back. So please, stop sitting outside my house in your car. Stop calling me and listening in, without speaking”.
“That wasn’t me”, he said to her.
She just smiled, wanting to laugh.
“Oh yeah, right. It’s not you. This coming from a guy who sits outside my place late at night”.

She grabbed her purse, and saw a look of desperation come into his eyes that she did not like.
“Just leave me alone, alright?”
She got up from the booth, and walked away. She was relieved when she got into her car and he did not follow.

Later that night, after she had gotten home and locked her front door, she had a shower. She had this feeling of being uncomfortable, after that encounter with Matthew. There was something about him that had changed, something that slightly freaked her out.

The calls started about a week after they broke up. He would call and listen in, probably to see if she had another guy there. She had no way of knowing it was really him, for she didn’t have caller ID, but she knew.
And then, last weekend, she just happened to see his car outside her apartment, around 2am. It freaked her out, and she wondered for how long this had been going on.

That was part of the reason why she agreed to meet him at the diner, to try to get some answers. Seeing him tonight had only made it worse for her. Seeing that look in his eyes had freaked her out a bit, and for the first time…she felt a little frightened by him.

Now, the only question that remained, was he going to leave her alone?


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Re: Obsession


A few days later, Andrea had just finished her shift at the salon, and was getting ready to go to her friend’s party, when the phone rang.
“Hello”, she said out of breath slightly, trying to put on her nylons and juggle the phone at the same time.
There was no answer.
“Matthew? Is this you again?”
But again, no answer. She felt rather angry that he was doing this.
“I’m getting really tired of this Matt. We’re finished, okay. Can you get that through your head?”
She waited to see if he would speak, but he didn’t. She hung up the phone, throwing it on the bed.

But as she continued to get ready, a feeling came over her. She found herself walking over to the window, and cautiously opening it a crack to see if she could see him there. She just felt creeped out, and closed the curtain once she saw he wasn’t out there.

“This is getting ridiculous”, she said out loud to herself.

A half hour later, she was jumping in the cab outside her front door, and heading to her friend’s party….

She entered the house, music playing, the smoke enveloping her as she did so. She had on a blue dress, a new one she had bought. In fact, to make herself feel better, she splurged on a whole new wardrobe after she and Matthew split. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

“Hey, Andrea!”, she heard a voice call from behind. She turned to see her friend Monica, the hostess of the party.
“I love your new place”, Andrea said, as the two women hugged.
“Thank you...I’m afraid it might be ruined with all this smoke, but what the hell can you do, right?”
Andrea held out her house warming gift, which was a collection of scented candles.
“You shouldn’t have”.
“This is a house warming party, how could I not?”
“Most people are here for the booze and food”.
Andrea smiled.

“I want to introduce you to a few people…” Monica said, grabbing Andrea by the hand and moved past and between people.
She was introduced to some relatives of Monica’s, from Italy. They all greeted her with a kiss on each cheek, causing her to smile.
“And this is my cousin Dante”, Monica said, introducing him a little more enthusiastically than she had the others. Andrea saw this huge smile on her face, and gave her this ‘look’.
“Hi”, she said to Dante, shaking his hand. The guy looked like an Italian model - only better.
“Andrea’s recently single”, Monica said, embarrassing her. She looked at her and laughed, hardly able to believe her saying that.
Dante smiled at them, and Andrea had a difficult time trying not to turn red.
“Mon, what exactly are you up to?”
“Oh, nothing…”

Andrea then heard her cell phone ringing inside her purse.
“Sorry…give me a sec”, she said, walking away a bit to answer her phone.
“It’s Matt”, she heard him say.
“Oh, so you decided to talk this time”, she said smiling. “You have a lot of nerve calling me after I asked you not to”.
“Listen, I’m not the one crank calling you”.
“Okay Matthew…I believe you”, she said sarcastically.
“Are you busy?”
“Yes, actually, I am”.
“Can I see you tonight”.
This made her laugh out loud, since she couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy.
“No, you can’t. I swear to God Matthew if you come to my house, I’ll call the cops. Just leave me the hell alone”.

She turned off her ringer and flipped her phone closed. She took a moment to compose herself before she rejoined the party.
She was walking when a familiar face caught her eye. It was Orlando. His eye caught hers, and she watched him smile at her. She smiled back, trying to hide the anxiety she was feeling inside.
In a moment, he was walking over to her.

“Andrea…nice to see you again”.
“Hey, nice to see you”.
He gave her a peck on the cheek. Orlando was a friend of Matthew’s. In fact, he worked with him at the radio station, so they were colleagues. They had hung out sometimes, doing double dates and other stuff.
“I’m surprised to see you here. You know Monica too?” she asked him.
“Umm, no. I know her friend, who I happen to be here with”.
“Oh. I was beginning to wonder what a small world it was”, she said, trying to make a joke.
He looked at her, and he had a warm smile that she liked.
“Actually, I’m just here for the free food”.
“Yeah, right”, she said smiling up at him, her arms crossed.
“Is everything alright?” he asked her, not being able to help but notice she looked agitated.

She thought before she answered, but thought since he was here she may as well ask.
“How’s Matthew?”
“How’s Matthew?” he asked, giving this look, almost as if he didn’t really want to say.
“He seems alright…I don’t see him much, only usually before he does his show. Other than that, he seems to disappear”.
“Has he been acting strange lately?” she asked curiously.
He sighed before he answered, but finally did:
“To be honest…he’s a train wreck waiting to happen”.
She looked at him, puckering her lips when she heard this, trying to fathom how this could be happening to Matthew. This wasn’t the guy she knew at all.

“I think he’s taking your break up rather hard”, Orlando said, trying to be as sensitive as possible. “I don’t want to seem nosy or anything, but is everything okay between you two? I mean, okay as it gets for two people who have just broken up?”
She shook her head, looking around.
“Can we..” she said, motioning for him to follow her outside. He did, and they walked outside into the cool summer night.

“Is everything alright?” he asked again.
“Yes…well, no. Can I trust you with this?”
“Yes, of course”, he said, reaching out to touch her arm. She knew she could trust him. Even though he and Matthew were friends, she knew that he was a good guy. Besides that, she needed to open up to someone about what was going on.

“He’s been crank calling me…listening in. I guess to see if I’m with another guy”.
“Really?” Orlando said, looking almost as if he didn’t believe her.
“You think I’m lying?”
“No, not at all…it’s just not like Matthew”.
“It gets worse…he’s been hanging outside my place late at night, in his car. I think he just watches all night”.
“What is he thinking?”
“I wish I knew…”, she said, lighting up a cigarette.
“I’m really sorry about this Andrea”.
“It’s not your fault”.
“I know, but Matt’s my friend. Someone’s gotta say it…someone has to talk some sense into him”.
“No, I don’t think you should”.
“No, he’ll listen to me. I know he will. We’ve been a little distant lately, but I think I may be able to get through to him”.
She took a puff of her cigarette and exhaled. It was almost a sigh of relief.
“That would really mean a lot to me”.
“Sure, don’t worry about it”.
She smiled, looking at his dark eyes and his warm smile. For some reason, she felt safe with him.


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Re: Obsession

The next day, Orlando sat at his desk in the office, looking over a pile of papers. He looked up and saw one of the sound editors standing there.
“Emily, hi”, he said, smiling. She looked at him and he could have sworn she had gone every shade of red. For some reason, he had this effect on her.
“I just wanted to let you know that Jeff’s sick, so I’m filling in for him tonight for Matt’s show”.
“Oh, good…speaking of Matt, where is he?”
“I just saw him in the editing room”.
“If you see him, can you tell him I want to talk to him?”
“Sure Orlando”, she said smiling.
She may as well have added, ‘anything for you’, for she was thinking it.

When she left, he sort of smiled to himself.
A minute later, there was a knock on the glass door that was open. He looked up to see Matthew standing there.

“Wow. Someone needs a shave”, Orlando joked.
“I’ve always had this stubble”, Matt said, walking in and sitting down on a chair. Orlando watched as he opened up a pack of cigarettes, lit one and inhaled.
“You know I hate people smoking in my office”.
When Orlando said this, Matt exhaled the smoke, just to piss him off.
“I know”, Matt said with a smile on his lips.

“Wanna grab a bite to eat? It’s almost lunch and I’m starved”.
“Not really. I have a lot of work to do”.
“Come on, surely you can spare 15 minutes”.
Before Matt could answer, Orlando was standing up and grabbing his coat. He had no choice but to follow him.

Outside, they made their way to a hot dog vendor down the street. After ordering, they walked to a bench and sat down, eating their dogs.

Orlando took the opportunity to talk to him about what was on his mind.
“Have you spoken to Andrea at all?”
Matt just looked at him, wondering what business it was of his anyway.
“No. Why?”
“No reason…I just sort of saw her last night at a party…”
“Was she with anyone?” was the first question out of Matt’s mouth.
Orlando sort of laughed it off, hardly believing how jealous he was sounding.
“No, but that’s not the point”.
“What is the point then?” Matthew asked, wiping the ketchup from his chin with his hand.

Orlando didn’t know how to say what he wanted to ask him, so he just said it:
“Are you stalking her?”
“What?! Is that what she told you?”
“She told me about the phone calls, and the fact that you’ve been sitting outside her place at night in your car”.
Matthew stopped chewing, hardly able to believe he was hearing this from his friend.
“I don’t hear you denying it”, Orlando continued.
Matt finished chewing, and then went on. “I just want her back. She and I…we’re good together. You remember how good we were together, don’t you?”
“Yes, I do but-”
“She wants me back, she just doesn’t know it yet”.
At hearing this, Orlando stopped chewing his food.
“You have to be kidding me Matt…she’s scared s***less of you”.
“Oh, give me a break”, Matt said, wiping his mouth with the napkin. He was finished eating, and got up from the bench.
“I’ll see you later. I have work to do”.

Orlando watched him walk away, and could have kicked himself for not being able to get through to him. The truth was, he was a little freaked out by him now as well.
This wasn’t like Matt. He had always been an intense guy, but not this intense.

After he finished his hot dog, he opened his cell phone and called Andrea’s place. She had asked him to call her and let her how it went, and so that’s what he was doing. He was calling with his gut instinct.
He got her machine, and so he left a message.

“Hey Anj, it’s Orlando…I wanted to let you know that I finally had that chat with Matthew and…quite frankly, I’m worried about him. He handled it very strangely, and seems to think the two of you should be back together…I think it would be best, when you get home tonight, if you make sure your door is locked. He’s not thinking rationally…if you want, you can call me if you need anything”.

He pressed the ‘end’ button on his cell, and put it in his pocket. He wondered if he could be this freaked out by Matthew’s strange behaviour, how poor Andrea must feel. He just hoped that it wouldn’t get any worse…


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Re: Obsession


When Andrea got home from her shift at the salon, the first thing she did was press ‘play’ on the answering machine with the red light flashing. She heard Orlando’s message, and double checked the lock on the door right afterwards.

It had begun to rain outside, as she undressed into her evening, comfortable clothes. She tried not to think of Orlando’s message, or of Matthew, but couldn’t seem to get her mind off him.
This wasn’t her Matthew, the man she had spent two years of her life with. He had…changed.

 Just as she was getting ready to go to bed, she heard the sound of a car door outside. She peeked outside the curtains, and saw who she was almost expecting to see: Matthew.

“Oh great”, she said under her breath.
In a minute, she heard the knock on the door. She went over to the door, and looked out the peephole. He looked rather…anxious. He looked…upset.

“I’m going to call the cops if you don’t get the hell out of here Matt”.
“Andrea? I just want to talk to you”.
“Please”, he said, and there was a calmness in his voice.
She looked at the chain on the door, and wondered if she should open it. Slowly, she did…and opened the door only as far as the length of the chain, so that she could only see part of him, and he of her.

He gave her this sad, yet agitated look.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“Just…”, he said, looking rather sad. “Why do you have to treat me like I’m some criminal?”
“Because you’re acting like one”.
“Damn it, Andrea, I just want to talk to you”.
“This is as far as it goes”, she said, leaning against the wall and watching him through the crack in the door.
She saw him wipe his hand through his hair, and leaned one hand on the wall.

“What do you want from me? I don’t understand you Matthew”.
She saw him look at her, his brown eyes looking deep and full of so much to say.
“I just…want you back. I miss you. I miss us”.
“I told you the other night at the diner, it’s over”.
“Are you seeing someone else?”
She couldn’t believe the nerve of him to ask her that.
“It’s none of your business”.
She saw how this made him angry.
“Open the door Andrea. This is bulls**t”.
“No. Goodbye Matt”, she said closing the door, and locking it. She stayed there, hoping he would just leave. Instead, she heard a bang on the door, as he hit it with his fist.
“Open the damn door! Why the hell are you treating me like this?”
She was nervous, and moved away from the door. She reached for the phone.
“Just go away!” she yelled at him.
She heard as he banged the door one more time with his fist, frustrated.

“I’m calling the police!”
“I don’t believe you. You would have called them by now if you were going to”.
“Matt”, she tried to say as calmly as possible. “I don’t know what’s happened to you, but I want you out of my life”.
“What have you been telling Orlando about me?” she then heard him ask.
She did not answer, realizing that this was probably the source of his anger. She knew it had been a bad idea, him talking to Matt.

When she did not answer, she heard another bang, an even louder one, on the door.
She sat down, phone in hand, afraid. She waited, and waited, until she heard the sound of his car skidding away.
She sat there, relieved that he was gone. When the phone rang in her hands, she jumped where she sat and screamed.

“Hello?” she answered nervously.
“I just wanted to see you Andrea. That’s all”.
And then, she heard the click of the phone and then the dial tone.

She leaned her head against the couch, hardly able to believe that all this crap was happening.

Matthew drove, blaring the radio as he did. He was listening to his own station, and Mojo Jack was on the air, giving his spiel on sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.

Blinded by anger, he drove the streets of New York, knowing them like the back of his hand. When he saw the place he was looking for, he parked recklessly into an empty spot and got out of the car. Shoving his keys in his leather coat, he headed into the bar, immedialtly engulfed in people, smoke and the scent of alcohol everywhere. A red head gave him the eye as he passed, but he didn’t return the look.

Instead, he sat on a stool that had empty seats next to it. The minute you sat beside a person in a place like this, they automatically assumed that you wanted to sleep with them.

“What can I get ya?” the New York bartender asked him.
“Beer. Any kind”.
He wasn’t going to be fussy. He just wanted something to drown down the pain.
A few seconds later, he had a bottle of beer placed in front of him, and he took a huge gulp of it. Opening his smokes, he lit one and inhaled.
The smoke was music to his lungs…

As he exhaled, he caught sight of a woman at the end of the bar, not far from where he was, calling out to the bartender.
“Hey! Can I get another smoke from you?” she asked the bartender.
“Do you want the whole pack?” he offered her.
“No. I don’t smoke. I just want one more”.
“Stressful night?” the bartender asked her.
“Yeah, kind of”.
Matthew watched as she took the cigarette, and then looked away.

A second later, he heard:
“Hey! Hey you…with the leather coat”.
He looked over, and pointed to himself. It was the woman again.
“I know you…”
He gave her a puzzled look.
“We met at that party…before Christmas. Your name’s Matthew”.
He tried to smile politely, but his memory was a little foggy.
“Sorry, I don’t remember”.
“It’s alright…I don’t make much of an impression on people”, she said.
Then, something in him clicked. He remembered her now, and apologized.
“I’m sorry, I do remember now. You’re Andrea’s friend, right?”
She smiled.

Then, she went over to him and sat on the empty stool. She put her drink down and extended a hand.
“I’m Loretta”.
“Yeah, Loretta, right. I remember now. Your hair was a different colour”.
She patted her hair, feeling embarrassed by the blonde colour she had.
“Yeah, I had to dye it for a role. Thank God the movie’s over and I can go back to my natural colour”.
“I never did like blondes much”, he commented, acting rather quiet.

“I haven’t spoken to Andrea in ages, actually…how is she?” Loretta asked him.
Matthew just gave this look, as if to say that it was ‘over’ between them.
“She and I are history”.
“Oh…I’m sorry to hear that”.
“Don’t be. It’s fine. It’s been well over a month and she’s moved on”.
Loretta tried to smile, but it felt forced. She looked at his profile, thinking that there was something dark, but attractive about him. Maybe, it was the three shots of vodka she had had earlier, or maybe it was something else.

“So, are you seeing anyone else then?”
He looked at her and smiled.
“Why do you ask?”
“No reason. I guess I was just wondering”.
She wondered if she had offended him. So, she picked up her drink and was about to say ‘goodbye’, when his voice stopped her.

“You’re not leaving, are you?”
She stopped, a little surprised that he even cared. He seemed to be acting rather cold to her up until this point.
“Do you want me to stay?”
She watched as his dark eyes twinkled when his lips formed into a smile. “Sure”.
She smiled back.
“Ok. Let me just use the little girl’s room, and I’ll be right back”.
“OK”, he said, watching her as she walked to the washroom.
The twinkle in his eye was the result of a thought that had entered his mind…

“Hey”, he said to the bartender. “What do you know that upsets a woman more than sleeping with her friend?”
The bartender just smiled.
“Would you like another beer?”
“Sure, and bring my friend here another shot of vodka”.

In a few minutes, Loretta had returned.
“I hate my hair”, she said sitting back on the stool.
“I think it looks fine…although you do look better as a brunette”.
She smiled. “Thanks. So do I, believe me”.
“So, are you going to tell me all about this movie you were making?”
She sighed, and really didn’t want to talk bout it. It had been a horrible experience.
“First”, he said, picking up the cigarette she had gotten off the bartender and handing it to her. “Let me light that for you”.
She watched as he brought it up to her lips, and she took it. Then, he brought his lighter up to it and held it out for her. Once it was lit, his eyes never left hers for several seconds, and she took the butt of the cigarette between her fingers, and took a sip of her drink.
“A gentleman, I see?” she commented.
“Only when I feel inspired to be”, he said, a smile on his lips and a twinkle in his eye that made her blush.


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Re: Obsession

Andrea dialled the number on the piece of paper, and hoped he would answer. In a minute, he did.
“Hello”, she heard Orlando say.
“Hi, it’s Andrea”.
“Andrea? Hey, how are you?”
“Well, not good. A little freaked out”.
“Is it Matthew?” he asked her, concern in his voice.
“Yea, it is”.
“Did he call? Did he show up?”
“He showed up alright…about a half an hour ago. He was pretty angry that you spoke with him”.
“Oh great”, he said, sounding worried. “I’m sorry Andrea, I was just trying to help”.
“I know. It’s not your fault. I don’t know what’s happened to him”.
“Neither do I. When I spoke with him, he was acting really strange, saying how you wanted him and yet just didn’t realize it.”.

Andrea closed her eyes, disgusted that he was talking this way about her.
“Are you alright?”
She waited a few seconds before answering.
“Yes, I guess so. I just don’t know what to do if he comes back. He left pretty angry, so I expect him to be back”.
“Do you have someone to stay with you tonight?”, Orlando asked.
She sighed.
She waited as he obviously thought for a few seconds, but then said:
“If you want, I can drop by and make sure you’re alright”.
“No, I can’t do that. I can’t expect you to drop everything you’re doing just to come over here and baby-sit me”.
“Are you kidding me? It would be no trouble at all”, she heard him say, sincerity in his voice.
She hesitated, but then said.
“Alright. You know how to get here, right?”
“Yes, I remember. All those times we used to double date, remember that? Those were fun times”.
She smiled, remembering a happier time in her life. But those were over now, obviously.
“Take your time. I’m not going anywhere”.
“I’ll be there soon”, she heard him say, then he hung up the phone.

Andrea got up from the couch and went over to the window, peeking outside. There was no sign of Matthew, at least not now.
She went upstairs and got dressed into something more presentable, since she was going to be having company. As she dressed into her jeans, she wondered if she was doing the right thing by asking Orlando there…

An hour later, Matthew was driving Loretta home. She was in the passenger seat, and everything was working out according to his plan. His every move mattered now, and he knew it.

“So, you played the wife of an alien?” Matt asked her, smiling.
“Hence the blonde hair”, she said, moving it away from her face. She hated it.
“I guess alien men prefer blondes, huh?” he said jokingly.
She gave him this look.
“ANYWAY, at the end of the movie, I’m forced to sacrifice myself for my alien babies”.
“Talk about dedication”, he said laughing.
She laughed along with him.
“Talk about a cheap B movie. No one’s ever gonna to see it”.
“Don’t say that. I’m sure you were great in it”.
“Trust me…it sucks”.
She noticed that they were coming up to her building, and so she directed him where to park.

“You know, I think I’ve sobered up by now”, she said, looking over at him. “Thanks for the ride Matt. It was nice talking to you”.
“Any time”, he said smiling.
She got out of the car, and looked down into it.
“Are you alright to get upstairs?” he asked her.
“Why?” she asked suspiciously. “Do I look like that kind of girl?”
He shook his head. “No”.
She looked at him, and saw a look on his face that was difficult to resist.
“Alright, well…do you want to come up?”
“Okay”, he said smiling.
“Only for a drink though. And we’re just going to talk”.
“Sure”, he said. “Let me park the car first”.

Five minutes later, they were up in her apartment, and she was grabbing some beers from the fridge.
“So, how’s the radio show?” she asked him from the kitchen.
“It’s fine. Great, actually”, he said, taking off his leather coat.
She walked over and passed him a beer.
“That’s good”.
He gave her this look, and she watched as he went up to her and without warning, kissed her on the lips.
She moved away after a few seconds.
“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like?” he asked her.
“No, no, no. You don’t understand”.
“Understand what?”
“You were with Andrea. If I do this with you, it would be like me…having sex with her”.
He just looked at her puzzled, and smiled.
“Guys never understand that stuff, do they?”
“Why do you keep bringing her up? I haven’t spoken to her in over a month”.
“You haven’t?” she asked him, looking up with her believing eyes as he moved towards her again.
“I’m not thinking of Andrea right now…I’m thinking of you”.

Then, he kissed her again…and she let him.

A minute later, they were laying on her bed and he was removing her clothes, almost as fast as she was removing his. There were no words passed between then, just pure, unadulterated, lust. She got lost in herself and just let him do what he pleased with her, pushing aside any worries she might have.

…An hour later, as they lay in the bed, she looked over at him and said.
“I’d feel terrible if Andrea found out about this”.
“Why do you keep thinking of her? I’m certainly not, especially after that”, he said, turning over. He went to kiss her again, but she moved away.
She went into the washroom, and splashed some water on her face.

“This isn’t like you Loretta…what are you doing?” she asked her reflection.
She vowed never to drink again, even though she knew it wasn’t all due to the alcohol.
She grabbed her robe, put it on, and walked back into the bedroom.
He was sitting on the edge of the bed, the sheets barely covering his naked body. He was holding his jeans, as if to put them on.

“Are you leaving?” she asked.
He looked over at her.
“Uh, I don’t have to. Do you want me to stay?”
“Sure”, she said, although that is not what she meant to say. “I mean, well, maybe it’s best if you go”.
He gave her this look, almost as if he was hurt.
“Alright”, he said, standing up, naked, and pulling on his clothes.

After he was dressed, he walked over to her.
“Are you alright?”
She smiled shyly. “Yes, I’m fine”.
He then leaned down and kissed her one last time, before leaving.
“Call me?” he asked her.
“Yeah, I will”.

And then he was gone. Loretta threw herself on her bed, curled up in a ball, and wanted to scream at what she had just done.
She hated making mistakes, but it seemed she was good at it. It was the only thing she seemed to be able to do ‘right’.


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Re: Obsession


The next day…

“Hey, Orlando…it’s me, Andrea”, she said into the phone, when she heard him answer.
“Hi, aren’t you at work?” he said, surprised to hear from her. She was calling him on his cell, at work.
“Yeah, but I’m on a break so I thought I’d call”.
“Well, that was nice of you. I’m glad that you’re sounding better”.
“Yeah, I am, thanks to you…I wanted to thank you for coming over last night. It really meant a lot to me”.
“As I told you, any time”, she heard him say.

Then, she looked over and saw a face she hadn’t seen in nearly three months, at the front reception of the salon.
“Umm…Orlando, something’s come up. I’ll talk to you later?”
“Alright, sure”, he said.
She hung up the phone and rushed over to the familiar face.

“Loretta!!” she shouted, and the blonde haired woman turned to see Andrea and smiled. They embraced, and exchanged ’hello’s‘.
 “What the heck are you doing back from L.A.?” she asked her.
“I just got back…well, a few days ago”.
“And you haven’t called?” Andrea said.
“Sorry…it’s been a…hectic few days”.
“What the hell happened to your hair?!”
“Don’t ask”, Loretta said self-consciously. “I came here to see if there was something you could do with it. That’s if you don’t have another client”.
“No, of course I’ll do it!”

Two minutes later, Andrea had Loretta in the chair of the upscale salon, and was mixing the dyes together.
“How have you been Anj?”
“Oh, don’t ask. I’ve been better”, she said, mixing the colours.
“A chestnut brown all right?”
“Something darker, if you can”.
“Sure”, Andrea said, adding in some black.

“Why haven’t you called sweetie? You know I would have loved to hear all about L.A. Is it as wild as everyone says it is?”
“Umm…it was pretty boring, actually”.
“Well we all know New York’s where it’s at”, Andrea said, as she started to apply the dye to Loretta’s hair. “You’ll look better than new when I’m through with you”.
Loretta tried to smile, but in her gut an honest smile wasn’t possible. She felt like crap for what had happened last night.
She proceeded to talk about her experience filming the movie in L.A., as Andrea did her hair. All the while, she wanted to tell her friend about last night, just didn‘t know how…

It wasn’t until Andrea was finished colouring, cutting and was now styling, that Loretta spoke up:
“I went out last night, and guess who I saw?”
Andrea paused what she was doing, and Loretta could see the reflection in the mirror of her friend’s face.
“Oh, really?” she said.
“Yeah. We kind of hung out last night”.
Andrea paused and looked at her in the mirror.
“You did?”
“Yeah. We had a nice time, for the most part”.
Andrea continued doing her hair, but anger filled her inside at even the mention of that man’s name.
“Did he mention me at all?”
Loretta looked at her, a little puzzled to hear her say this.
“No, not really”.
“I don’t believe that”, she said, looking at Loretta in the mirror.
“What?” Loretta asked, thinking that Andrea was acting really strange.
“Has he told you how he’s been acting?”
“What do you mean?”
“He was at my house last night, literally trying to break the door down”.
Loretta looked at her, shocked to hear her say this.
“How can that be? He said he hasn’t spoken to you in over a month”.
“Well, he’s lying”, Andrea said, visibly upset by this now. “He’s been stalking me, acting like a real weirdo”.

Loretta just looked at her, not sure of what to believe.
“Oh my goodness…”, Andrea said, looking at her. “Did you sleep with him?”
Loretta couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
“I came here today because I felt bad about the fact I went out with your ex-boyfriend last night. I want to see him again, but if it bothers you that much, I won’t”.
Andrea crossed her arms, and couldn’t believe what she was hearing. On the one hand, she was angry that he could do this, and knew it was a ploy to get back at her; on the other, she was slightly jealous. She would never admit the jealousy part to her self, though.

“No, if you want to see him again, I don’t care”, she lied. “I just don’t think it’s a good idea, with the way he’s been acting”.
“Are you done?” Loretta asked, in reference to her hair.
“Yeah, unless you want more taken off the back”.
“No, I like it how it is”.
Loretta got up from the chair and grabbed her purse.

Both women walked over to the cash, and Loretta paid for the service. Andrea wanted to say something to her, worried she had somehow upset her.
“Loretta, I don’t want you to leave like this”.
“Neither do I”.
“I’m just worried. Matthew has been acting like a real weirdo lately, listening in on my phone calls, hanging outside my house late at night. Don‘t you believe me?”
“Well Anj, you never complained about Matthew when the two of you were together. He was an angel, then, remember?”
“I know what I said, but he’s changed”.
“Well, I like the guy I was with last night. He certainly wasn’t a freak”.

Loretta then took her receipt, and started to walk out of the salon.
“Call me, okay?” she heard Andrea say. She turned back.
“I will”.

The next day, Loretta sat in a café, looking over her lines for an audition, when came Matthew, out of nowhere, sitting down on the seat across from her.
“Hi”, she said, surprised by his sudden entrance.
“Hi, I got your call to meet up here”.
“Good”, she said, smiling.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing. I was just expecting you to come from the other way”.
“Well, I can if you’d like me to. I’d hate to miss what you had planned”, he said jokingly, a smile on his lips.
If he was playing her like Andrea seemed to imply, she didn’t really feel it.

“I really like the hair”, he said, looking at her a little more seriously.
“Yeah? Thanks. It’s feels good to have it back to it’s original colour”.
“What are you reading?” he asked her.
“Oh, it’s lines for an audition”.
He leaned over and grabbed the book, before she could stop him.
“Hey!” she said.
“So, act for me”, he said to her.
“You heard me…act”, he said smiling, trying to be dramatic.
“No. You’ll just make fun of me”.
“I would never do that”.
“No?” she asked, looking into his eyes as the sun lit his face. She wanted to read them so badly, and believe that he wasn’t the way Andrea said he was: a monster.

“Ummm…Matt, about last night”.
“Yes?” he asked her, looking more serious now.
“About last night…I don’t do that”.
“Well, nether do I”, he said, trying to look serious. When she gave him this look, as if she didn’t believe him, he smiled.
She didn’t bother to respond to that ‘look’ he gave her. She inhaled, and continued.
“I left New York three months ago, to do a movie in L.A., but also to get away from a lot of pain I was in, over this guy I had been with. Things just didn’t work out between us, and it hurt for a long time. Last night, I think I was just feeling…lonely, and confused”.
“Is that all?” he then asked her, confusing her.
“What do you mean?”
“The way you were looking at me”, he said, leaning over now so that his face was close to hers, “when we were having sex, told me that there was more to it”.
She moved back a bit, for fear of the effect this was having on her.
“Matt, I find you incredibly attractive…but that’s all there was to it. I shouldn’t have done it, but what’s done is done”.
“You’re right”, he said.

Then, she looked at her watch, and gathered her stuff together.
“I have that audition in a half hour. I should head out now”.
He helped her with her things, and then went with her as she paid for her coffee.
“I saw Andrea yesterday”.
“Oh, did you?” he asked, feeling his stomach tighten when he heard this. This was not according to plan.
“Yeah, she said some stuff”, Loretta said, thinking back on all that happened. One thing she did see, however, was jealousy on Andrea’s face, so she wondered if this was an act of jealousy on her part. Andrea always was the jealous type.

“What did she say?”
“You know what? It doesn’t matter”, Loretta said, grabbing her receipt. “It’s okay”.
“Alright”, he said, moving up to her. “Can I see you tonight?”
“Oh, no. I’m meeting up with some friends who I haven’t seen in a while”.
“Okay, well, some other time then”, he said, smiling.
“Yeah, soon”.
She was about to turn, when his voice stopped her.
“Good luck with the audition”.
She smiled. “Thanks. I’ll need it”.


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Re: Obsession


Matt drove his car, after having finished his shift at the station.
It was a joke, really. There he was, night after night, giving advice on love when he wouldn’t know love if it bit him in the you know what.

He popped in a tape of tonight’s recorded show, cos he liked to listen to the play backs to see how much of a moron he sounded that night. He was a perfectionist; an obsessive perfectionist.

“Yes, and we have Samantha on the line”, said the announcer, which was Matt’s cue.
“Hi Sam”.
“Hi Matthew…I have a question”.
“Well, I’ve been with this guy for a month now, and I really like him, but all he seems to want to do is have sex”.
“He’s a guy, what do you expect?” Matt hears himself answer on the tape.
Immediately he rolls his eyes, thinking that was such a stupid thing to say. He could be such an a-hole sometimes. For some reason, when he was on the radio, his a-hole macho man turned on.

“Well, I just wanted to ask you if you think this is going to go anywhere?” Samantha asked.
“Where do you want it to go?”
“Well, it would be nice if it could turn into something more stable”.
“You mean, love?” he heard himself ask.
“Yeah”, she answered.
“Listen, love shouldn’t have to be forced. If you are doubting that he loves you, he probably doesn’t. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh”.

At that point, he turned off the tape. It made him sick to hear himself preach about love. He claimed to know so much about it, yet he didn’t. If he did, he would know how to make Andrea realize she loved him again. She did, but somehow he needed to help her find those feelings again, the way it used to be.

Not wanting to go back to an empty apartment, he decided to give Orlando a ring and see if he wanted to hook up for a beer. After all, it was a Friday night. No one should spend Friday nights alone.

“Hello”, he heard Orlando say a minute later.
“It’s me. Feel like going for a beer?”
“Uhh…”, he heard Orlando hesitate. “I can’t”.
“Why not? Since when did you ever say ‘no’ to me?” Matt said jokingly. When Orlando didn’t laugh, he knew something was up.
“Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. How about tomorrow night?”
“Okay, sure”.
Matt then hung up the phone. He knew something was wrong, and decided to find out exactly what - or who - had Orlando too busy to see him.

Going on a hunch, he drove to Andrea’s place. It didn’t take long to get there, and he knew he’d find what he was looking for: Orlando’s car.
He parked outside, and made his way up the stairs to Andrea’s front door in the apartment complex.
He knocked on the door, until he heard Andrea’s voice.
“What do you want?”
She was obviously looking through the peep hole.
“Just wanted to come by and see if you wanted to talk“.
“I think you already know the answer to that”.
“Why not? Are you busy?” he asked, feeling angry.

There was a pause. Then a minute later, the door was being opened just a crack and Orlando appeared in the doorway.
Matt just laughed when he saw him there.
“Oh nice”, he said.
“Not that I have to explain anything to you, but Andrea is really scared of you Matt. This is getting out of hand, and you and I know it”.
Angrily, Matt tried to push the door.
“Don’t f******’ talk to me that way”.
Orlando just looked at him, while Andrea stood back a ways, frightened.

“Just leave me alone Matt!” she called.
“You heard her”, Orlando said.
“You think you’re a big man, don’t you Orlando? Coming around and stealing my girlfriend from me?”
“She’s not your girlfriend”, Orlando said, his dark eyes looking at Matt seriously. This was getting ridiculous.
“Who the hell do you think you are? You think I can’t break open this door if I want to?”
Orlando just looked at him like he was crazy, and that set Matt off. In a flash, he pushed open the door, overpowering Orlando’s grasp on it, and walked inside the apartment he hadn’t been in in over a month. Andrea screamed when she saw what was happening, and Orlando then regained himself and stood his ground.

“Get the hell out of here Matt!”
He just stood there, angrily looking at Andrea.
“Is this who you replace me with?”
“Just get out of here, now”, she told him. “I don’t want you near me or in my apartment”.
“This was our place once, remember that? Or, have you forgotten?”
Orlando went to grab his arm, but Matt pulled it away from him.
“Is this how it ends? With you and my so-called friend, going behind my back?”
“Its’ not like that”, Orlando said.
“You know, you still love me Andrea. You just don’t know it yet”.
She looked at him, shocked by the audacity of his words.
She wanted to laugh, but just smiled instead.
“Yeah, you keep dishing out those lines. I’m sure Loretta just loves them”.
Matt looked at her, anger in his eyes.
“At least she’s better in bed than you ever were”.
Andrea flashed him this look, hurt that he would do that to her friend.
“I can’t believe you would use her like that. You make me sick”.

Matt didn’t even respond, but chose to leave. Orlando looked over at Andrea, who looked really shaken up.
“I’ll be right back”, he said to her and followed Matthew out to his car. Just as Matt got in the car, Orlando got in the passenger side and closed the door.
“You have one hell of a nerve, you know that?” Orlando said to him.
“You’re the one in my car, uninvited”.
“You know what I’m talking about Matt. What the heck has happened to you man? This isn’t like you”.
Matt looked over at him, anger in his eyes.
“What? You wanna hit me? Show what a big man you are?”
“No, you’re not worth it”, Matt said.
“You want to insult me, that’s fine. Just leave Andrea alone. You forget that she’s my friend too”.
“Yea, I can see that”, Matt said sarcastically.
There was no getting through to him, not by talking, anyway. So, Orlando had another plan…

When Matt drove away, Orlando got into his car and started following him, trying not to let him see him as he did. He stayed a few cars back, trying to stay hidden….

While driving, Matt got a call on his cell. It was Loretta, asking if he could meet her at the Blue Moon, a bar downtown. She sounded upset, so he was on his way.

As Matt made his way into the noisy bar, he searched with his eyes to see if he could see her.
“Looking for someone?” a girl asked him, as he stood by the bar. He looked at her and smiled, but walked away. These places were meat markets.

Finally, he saw her, sitting with some guy who was obviously bothering her. Matt walked up, and stood there:
“Something I can help you with buddy?”
When the guy saw the look on his face, he decided it wasn’t worth it and left.
“Thank God you’re here”, Loretta said as he sat down. “A woman can feel awfully vulnerable in a place like this”.
He saw that she looked upset, and that her mascara was a little smudged, which was proof she had been crying.
“Are you okay?”
“No. I’ve had the most horrible day”.
“What is it?” he asked her, looking concerned.
“You know that play I auditioned for? Well, I got the part”.
“That’s a good thing, isn’t it?”
“Well, I thought it was…before I heard the director tell me I had to do the opening scene topless”.
“Well, can’t you just tell him no?”
“And get fired”, she said, looking really upset.
She felt as he ran his hand over her hair, to comfort her.
“I had no one else to call. I’m sorry for dragging you out here”.
“Don’t apologize”, he told her.

She tried not to cry, but felt like she was going to. She took a sip of her beer - it was the second one she had since arriving.
“You want to know what I think?” he said to her. “I think you shouldn’t do the play, if you feel that strongly about it”.
“I know,…but this guy is one of the top playwrights and directors in New York, and if I say no I’ll look like a moron. Then I’ll never get a decent role again”.
“Don’t say that”, he told her.


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Re: Obsession

But as she spoke, she kept looking over at the bar, to see this guy was staring at her. She thought it was just her imagination, but when she kept looking, there he was looking right back. He wasn’t even smiling, so it wasn’t like he was coming onto her.

“Uh, Matthew…there’s this guy over at the bar who keeps looking at me”.
He went to turn his head, but she stopped him.
“No, don’t look!” she whispered.
But it was no use, he was looking. Loretta just took another sip, trying to act nonchalantly.
When Matt looked, he saw Orlando at the bar. He raised his glass at Matt and smiled.

“You mean, the guy with the dark hair and blue shirt?”
“Yes”, she said, trying not to look.
“Want me to go talk to him?”
“No”, she said to him, not wanting to cause a scene.
“No, just give me a sec. Let me just go and see what his problem is”.
“Please don’t start a fight”, she pleaded.

He was walking over to the bar, and Orlando turned to look at him.
“How does it feel to be watched?”
“Why don’t you just leave?” Matt said.
“No, I want you to know how it feels to be watched. In a minute, I was going to call your cell and hang up on you, just for the added effect”.
Matthew rubbed his hand over his face and just smiled.
“You’ve proven your point, now get lost”.
“No, I’m going to stay right here and give you a taste of your own medicine”.

Matt turned back to look at Loretta, not wanting to cause a scene. So, he just went back over to her and sat down.
“Hey, are you hungry?” he asked her. He just wanted to get out of there and lose Orlando.
“Yes, I’m starving, actually”, she said.
“Want to get a bite to eat? Get away from this place?”
She smiled shyly.
As they were leaving, Matt looked over at Orlando and gave him a dirty look.

“What was that guy’s problem?” she asked Matt.
“You know some men when they see a beautiful woman. They can’t keep their eyes off them”.
“Oh please. I’m hardly beautiful”.
He looked at her and smiled. “I think you underestimate yourself”.
“Maybe that’s because I don’t hear it too often”, she said when they got outside.
He stopped her, by putting his hand on her arm. This had been one of the most truthful things he had said to her:
“Well, you are beautiful. Don’t doubt that”.
She smiled shyly.

An hour later, he was dropping Loretta off in front of her building. They were talking when he saw Orlando pull up in a car across the street, and was watching them.
“Thanks for the late dinner. I needed it after the night I had”.
“Any time”.
Matt didn’t want her to see Orlando in the car across the street, so he leaned over and kissed her. When they parted, she smiled at him.
“Good night sweetie”.

She left the car, and walked into her building, feeling rather good, despite the day she was having. She hated to admit it to herself, but Matthew was very sweet…and she was falling for him.

Meanwhile, Matthew drove over to Orlando and got out of his car, going to the window.
“What is your problem?”
“I told you Matt, leave Andrea alone, or I don’t leave you alone”.
Matt looked down into the car and Orlando didn’t like the look in his eyes. It worried him, and so he calmed his tone down a bit.
“Man, I’m worried about you. Both you and Andrea are my friends, and I’m just looking out for the both of you”.
“Your concern is touching. Now leave me the hell alone”, Matt said and got back into his car, and drove away into the night…

Orlando’s cell rang, and he answered it. It was Andrea, asking him to come back over. So, he did. He was there in twenty minutes. Part of him expected to see Matt’s car outside Andrea’s place, but luckily it wasn’t.
He was relieved.

After he told her everything that had happened, she sat down on the couch, speechless. She hugged the pillow to her chest, looking worried.
“Andrea? Are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Just wondering when this is all going to stop”.
“I tried to make it as clear as possible to him that he needs to stop acting this way. I hope I got through to him tonight with my little experiment”.
“I hope so too”, she said, looking over at him. “Still, I don’t want you to leave just yet”.
“No, I don’t have to”.
“You know, what Matthew was saying about us, wasn’t entirely true”.
Orlando just looked at her. “What do you mean? None of it’s true”.
Andrea stood up, and then went over to where he stood. She searched for the right things to say.
“I meant, he wasn’t all wrong…I do think there was some truth to the accusations”.
Orlando looked at her, looking as if he didn’t know what to say.
“I do feel things for you. Things I can’t explain…and its more than gratitude for everything you’ve done for me this past week”.
He looked down shyly, then his brown eyes met hers again and he said:
“I can’t say he was entirely wrong either then”.
She smiled.
“Good…then you won’t mind if I do this”, she said, getting on her tippy toes to kiss him on the lips. At first, it was awkward, almost feeling as if they were doing something wrong…but as the kiss deepened, all doubts vanished, and it felt nothing but right.


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Re: Obsession


A week later…

It was early evening, and Loretta was rushing around her apartment, heading out to her rehearsal, when the phone rang.
“Oh great”, she mumbled, running to pick it up.
“Hello”, she sang into the phone, struggling to do the buttons up on her jeans.
“Hey Lor, how are you?”
It was Andrea.
“Oh, hey. I’m running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, to be honest”.
“In a rush?”
“Yeah, I’m off to rehearsal”.
“Well, do you have at least one minute?”
“Uhhh”, she said, looking at her watch. “Sure”.
“Okay, well, I was just wondering…if everything is alright with you and Matthew?”
Loretta smiled.
“Is this your way of wanting to know if I’ve seen him since that night? Well, yes, I have”.
“I’m just worried, that’s all”.
“Why? Has he been hanging outside your apartment in his car again?”
Andrea knew that Loretta didn’t believe her, but she just didn’t know how to convince her of that.

“Remember that time in college, when you thought that creepy guy was hanging outside our dorm because he was in love with you?”
Andrea sort of laughed. “Yeah, what about it?”
“Remember that it turned out he was waiting for his girlfriend?”
“What’s your point Lor?”
“My point is that you seem to think that people are stalking you, when they’re usually not”.
“If you want to accuse me of being an idiot, fine, but don’t say I’m lying about this”.
“I’m not. It’s just, that’s not the Matt I know”.
“Yea, well, that is the new Matt, and I’m just trying to warn you about it”.
“Well, thanks, but I have to go. I’m gonna be late”.

Loretta hung up the phone, a little frustrated that Andrea was acting this way about Matthew. Was it because she was jealous?

When Andrea hung up the phone, she cursed. She hadn’t gotten through to Loretta, and it was bothering her. She bit her nail, wondering what to do, when her phone rang.
No answer.
She sighed, getting really irritated with this. Instead of cursing at him, like she had done so many times before, she just hung up the phone.

Afterwards, she plopped herself on the couch with a small tub of Hagan Daas ice cream, and decided to spent a quiet evening at home, after a stressful day at work.
She turned on the TV and flipped through the channels…stupid American Idol, some other boring reality TV show, and then an old classic horror film, “Psycho”. Loving horror, she kept it on there, despite the fact that the lights were off in her apartment and she had nothing but a cuddly blanket to protect her.

It was at the part when psycho dude was talking to his dead mother on the chair. Andrea ate her ice cream as carefully as she could, not wanting to miss a second of the movie. She had seen it a million times before, but she never failed to be freaked out.

When a knock came to the door, she jumped and even screamed.
“Get a hold of yourself Anj”, she said to herself, as she got up to answer the door.
She went to it and saw that it was Orlando.
“Don’t worry, I’m not creepy ex boyfriend”, she heard him say as she looked through the peephole. She laughed and opened the door.
“No, just my silly current one”, she said, kissing him as soon as he walked in.
“Thought I’d drop by, since I’m finished work early. Is everything alright? I heard you scream”.
He saw what she was watching.
“I get it now”.
“Yeah, I’m a big sucky baby”, she said smiling.

He held up the bag he had in his hand.
“What’s that?”
“Chinese…so put your Hagan Daas away and chow down”.
“You didn’t have to”, she said, sitting on the couch as he got some plates.
“No, I didn’t, but I wanted to, since I know it’s your favourite”.
He sat down beside her.
“You’re so sweet. What would I do without you?” she asked, giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Hopefully you never have to find out”.
She smiled, as he fed her a piece of egg roll.
“A man who knows my heart”.
He smiled.
“Why are you watching this crap?”
“It’s not crap! Don’t you like this stuff?”
“It’s creepy”.
“So? What’s wrong with that?” she asked.
“I thought you hated being creeped out”.

She looked at him and smiled, when she saw he had a serious look on his face.
“What’s that supposed to mean, silly?”
“Nothing”, Orlando answered.
“Good, now can we watch the movie?”
“Alright…but I think I may need you to comfort me afterwards”.
When he said this, she gave him this look.

“Why’s the phone off the hook?” Orlando noticed.
“Oh, no reason”.
“Did he call again?”
She looked as though she didn’t want to answer the question. Now that she and him were an item, Matthew seemed to bother him more and more.
“Well, I’d give him a piece of my mind, but he’s never at work until just before his show. I’m usually gone by that time”.
“Yeah, well, it’s just as well”.
He looked over at her and saw she didn’t want to talk about this, so he said:
“Let’s have one night free of any talk of that guy named Matthew, alright?”
She looked over at him and smiled.
“Thank you”.

Orlando then handed her a fortune cookie and took one for himself.
“Oh, a fortune cookie”, she said. “You go first”.
Orlando opened his and read: “The man who plays his cards right, gets a good hand in life”.
He looked at her and smiled. “I guess they don’t lie after all”.
She laughed.
“That was, let me open mine”.
She opened it and gave a puzzled look as she read.
“What does it say?” he asked her.
“The one who hurts you, is the only one who can take your pain away”.
She didn’t look up at him, but kind of felt creeped out by what she read.
He looked at her, his eyes dark with wondering what could be going through her mind.
“Don’t worry. That’s a famous saying”.
“I know, it’s just…kind of creepy, don’t you think?”
He smiled and leaned over to kiss her.
“You know how sexy you look right now?” he asked, trying to take her mind off of what she was thinking. He leaned her back, taking the Chinese food out of her hands, and leaned her back on the couch where he intended to kiss her worries away…


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Re: Obsession

Loretta stood inside her washroom, rehearsing her lines in the mirror.
She heard the knock on the door that she was expecting.
She opened the washroom door a crack, and yelled out: “IT’S OPEN MATT!”
In walked Matt, and as soon as he did, she slammed the washroom door shut.
He closed the door, locked it and put down the pizza box he had brought with him.

“Hey, I hope you don’t mind but I bought a pizza”.
“Okay, great!” she yelled from behind the door.
He walked over to the door.
“You alright?”
“Yes, fine”.
He could tell she was leaning against the door, so he tried to open it.
“No! Out!”
“What are you up to in there?”
“In the bathroom?”
She opened the door a crack, and looked at him. It was then that he saw she was topless, covering herself with her hands.
“I need an audience, so I’m looking in the mirror and rehearsing my lines”.
“Well, you know, when you do the play, you’re going to be in front of real people”.
“I know that”.
“Well, wouldn’t you like a real person to watch you rehearse?”
At hearing this, she slammed the door in his face.
He laughed, and knocked after a minute.
“I was only trying to help”, he said, actually pouting his lips.
He then went to walk away, when he heard the door open.
“Alright…come in”, she said, feeling sorry for him. She knew he was just being helpful.
However, she kept her chest covered with her hands, as he sat on the toilet and waited for her to begin.
“Don’t laugh”, she said before she began.
“Hey, I’m serious here”, he said, crossing his arms.

She took in a deep breath, and tried to let go of her arms being crossed…but couldn’t.
“You know, I have seen those before”, he said in a whisper.
“Shut up! I’m nervous enough as it is”.
He thought she was cute, and he stifled a smile and put on his serious face.
Finally, she let go and stood there, and started to say her lines. He tried his best not to look at them, and instead focused on her eyes.
But when she saw his eyes wander, she covered her chest up again.
“You pervert! Stop looking at my breasts!”
“I can’t help it. They’re so beautiful”.
She threw a sponge at him, and he laughed as he ducked.
“Get out!” she yelled at him.
“No fair! I was enjoying the show”.
She slapped him on the way out and wanted to scream in frustration as he left. The things she did for her art, and for a pay check…

A minute later, she was out in the living room, and saw he was pouring them both a glass of wine at the dining table.
“You didn’t have to put your shirt back on on my account”, he said with a smile.
She walked over to him, and watched as he lit a few candles on the table.
“Pizza and wine, nice combination”.
“Hey, I try”, he said, flicking off the light.
She watched as he pulled out a chair and held it for her. She sat down, impressed.
“A gentlemen? This is rare”, she said with a smile.
“Yes, only when I feel like it…and I know you’re nervous about this play, so I knew you needed it tonight”.
“Thank you”, she said. “That means a lot”.
He smiled, and took a sip of his wine.
“Well, it’s the best I could do on such short notice”.
“You know, you shouldn’t treat me so well Matthew”, she said, taking a sip from her wine.
“Why do you say that?”
“Because I could really like you”.
He looked over at her, and saw that she was serious.
“Is that such a bad thing?”
“You tell me”, she asked him.
He smiled shyly.
“No, not at all…You should be careful though”.
“And why is that?” she asked, an eyebrow raised.
“Haven’t you heard? I’m a bad guy, and you should watch out for bad boys”.
As he spoke, she saw a sly, sexy smile on his lips and that twinkle in his eye.
“I’ll be the judge of that”…


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